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Homage to the greatest athlete of all time. A lover of all games and a role model to the world. Here is something to hang up around your work area/studio/home to inspire you to be the best. From going to my first lakers game to throwing paper in the trash can yelling “Kobeeeee”, he lives in our hearts forever. 

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Image on Court shot by: @VzMaestro 



About the Print

This artwork is printed at 18 by 24 inches on the Epson Premium Luster 260 Photo Paper. The paper is 260 GSM and has a satin luster finish.

The Premium Luster photo paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions. Described as having fairly minimal shine, showing great contrast, and excellent blacks. The surface is neither full glossy, nor matte.

Gallery vs. Basic frames

Gallery frames come with a UV protected Conservation Clear® Acrylic, solid wood frame moulding, acid-free backing, and sealed back cover. The acrylic glazing blocks up to 99% of UV rays and is shatter resistance safeguards against injury. The solid wood moulding is made in Itay and carefully crafted in the U.S. The acid-free foam backing prevents any possible damage to the print caused by chemicals in regular foam backings. And finally the sealing back cover prevents any dust from entering the frame over time. The gallery frames are meant to preserve your print for a very long time in the best possible shape.

Basic frames are more economical and mainstream. They come with a regular Plexi Glass, MDF moulding, and regular foam backing. The MDF moulding is made by combining smaller pieces of sawdust together with wax or resin and then cover it in a decorative laminate or paint. It is a more ecologically-friendly choice, due to the fact that recycled pieces of wood are used. Because of their lower price point, the basic frames are very popular and you’ve probably seen this type of frame at IKEA or Micheals stores.

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