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print engraving – medieval gothic stone chimera carving on Byzantine mosaics from Basilica San Marco

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Collage, engraved, hand-printed on Arches paper with Charbonel Black Doux ink. The engraved area is 9×6 inches.

This is the very first piece of the edition. 1 / 10



> About this project

Importing art, photographed on a trip to Paris and Venice and transformed in California. Could it be as artisans were imported into cultural European hubs for work in past centuries, a millennia old trade, as they are today in every human endeavor?

Pre-cursing the mouse, photoshop and cursor pentools, these two arts are hewn from stone from nearly the same epochs. The chimeras can be found in the Cluny museum in Paris and the mosaics on the floor of Basilica San Marco in Venice; look at them and know to visit on a holiday.

We’re exploring using photos of art in new ways. Can a vacation inspire creation in the quotidian?  

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